The Angry Woodcutter

By Declan

Chapter One

Once upon a time on a sunny afternoon in the forest and angry Woodcutter that likes catching little kids and feeding the kids to his wild dog. One day the Woodcutter sees a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood AKA: LRRH. For some reason she is walking along the path. So the Woodcutter says to himself “I like her hair, I think my dog will too.”

Chapter Two

So the Woodcutter chases her into a bush. The LRRH shouts, “GO AWAY IF YOU DON’T I’LL CALL MY FRIEND TO ARREST YOU.” But the Woodcutter didn’t move a muscle. He was watching her every move. So LRRH calls her friend Goldilocks. Luckily her friend arrives just in time.

Chapter Three

Once she saw what the Woodcutter was doing she picked grapes up and throws them at him. Then she tackles him, “If you don’t go away I’ll call the cops to arrest you.” Then the Woodcutter says “Ok I’ll never bother your friend again.” But after Goldilocks goes away the Woodcutter chases her again.

Chapter Four

Luckily Goldilocks forgets to say bye and sees the Woodcutter chasing LRRH so she finds some thorns and throws them at the Woodcutter and calls the cops. The cops take him to jail and everyone lives happily ever after.