Year 1 News

Miss Hansson's ELC2 Superstars

Highlights of the Week

Italian Lesson

First week of numeracy cross setting

Cross Setting for Literacy and Numeracy

This week we commenced our numeracy cross setting program. Next week we will commence the literacy cross setting program as well. The students move to their cross setting class, all located in the ELC building, during the literacy and numeracy blocks. The students stay in their ELC2 home class with me for Science, Technology, Geography, Cross Curriculum Priorities, Art and communication book writing, regardless of their numeracy or literacy class.

Cross setting is a system that successfully caters for individual students developmental and academic needs. The content taught in literacy and numeracy is consistent throughout all three groups. There is a strong focus on consistency in the curriculum content covered. It is the way this content is introduced and taught that is modified according to the cross setting group. There is strong collaboration between Ms Kinson, Ms Parke and myself in following scope and sequences across all content areas, planning common assessment tasks and moderation.

These groups are not labelled, the students only identify their group according to the teacher that takes the group. The students will be fluid between groups and move to the group that best suits their need and can support and extend them at their own level. The students will have the capacity to move throughout the year. To discuss your child's progress in regards to literacy or numeracy please contact me and I will coordinate a time with you, their literacy/numeracy teacher and myself.

Italian Lesson

While Mr Howard was doing a fantastic job organising and running the swimming carnival the students in ELC2 got a special taste of what Italian will be for next year when Mrs Zeiser taught them a surprise language lesson. The students learnt a new song, how to say hello and goodbye, count to 10, the 21 letters in the (Italian) alphabet and how to introduce themselves.

New Timetable

Due to a specialist lesson change in ELC1 we have freed up some more time to dedicate to literacy and numeracy blocks during the week. We have also swapped the literacy and numeracy blocks. The new timetable is being updated on the Coolbinia Primary School website and has been updated on the classroom door.