Eleanor Roosevelt~Amazing Helper

By: Abbey Ketchum & Shelby Young

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt dealt with lots of discrimination throughout her life, either because of her looks or her gender. But in the end, she persevered in amazing ways.

Her Background with Discrimination

Eleanor faced much discrimination in her life, people thought that she couldn't do much because she was a woman and the president’s wife was just supposed to be his wife. She was so much more than just the presidents wife.

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How she overcame it

Eleanor became more politically active than her husband. She also traveled around the world to help people who couldn't help themselves. She became Franklin’s eyes and ears. She gave up her life of wealth and joined a women's organization to help the injured soldiers and support food kitchens.

How discrimination still exists

Many people discriminate certain races and cultures. They make people feel less than them so they can feel better than themselves, even though we are all equal. This breaks down other's self-esteem and character.

A solution to discrimination

We can have respect towards others even if we don’t get along. This will help build their self-esteem and character. We can also treat each other fairly and without judgement and prejudice, which would solve a LOT of problems, like racism and discrimination and hate in general. This would help humanity be a better race and be kinder to one another.

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Discrimination article website

This is where we got most of our discrimination evidence.

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