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Where is this most commonly played?

Salsa music originated in Cuba and is most commonly played there as well as Puerto Rico.

What is the origin of the genre?

Salsa originated in New York City in the 1970's by Cuban's and Puerto Rican's. In New York at the time, Latin music had just started making its way into the city and Salsa music was inspired by a lot of American pop with a mix of R&B and latin music.

What are other musical influences of Salsa?

Other musical influences of Salsa are genres such as, African-Salsa and Salsa-Cubana which are influenced originally by Salsa but have some major differences between them.

What are the major characteristics of Salsa music?

The characteristics of this Latin dance is faster paced. Salsa usually consist of rhythm from groups of the main instruments such as a clave in groups of eight or sixteen beats.

What are the main instruments used in Salsa music?

The main instruments usually in Salsa music are the calves, maracas, congas, bongos, and pianos.
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What social, cultural events or traditions is Salsa associated with?

Usually Salsa music is associated with cuban or puerto rican dances and festivals.

Are there special costumes associated with Salsa?

There aren't any special costumes associated with Salsa but usually when dancing to Salsa, usually by two people, both of the dances are usually in formal attire.
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Who are some of the most famous artists associated with the Salsa Music?

Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Ray Barretto, Marc Anthony, Rubén Blades, Mongo Santamaria

What dances, if any, are associated with Salsa Music?

The most common type of dance that is associated with Salsa Music is obviously The Salsa.

What are the characteristics of the dance?

Usually faster pace with two people.
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Who, what and where is Salsa music associated with today?

Usually latinos listen and dance to Salsa today at festivals and during dances. A lot of time during Salsa music is played at Spanish celebrations.

What is the projected future of Salsa music?

Salsa has been increasing in popularity over the years. Even though it is mostly influence by latino music, other cultures have been increasing in interest in Salsa music recently.
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