Makayla Mast

Their habitats and their predators

Rabbits live in places in north america including, meadows, the woods, forests, grasslands, and more. Rabbits live in groups, and the best known species, the European rabbit, lives in underground burrows or rabbit holes. One reason rabbits breed so often is because they are preyed upon by many different animals. Some predators of the eastern cottontails are raccoon's, foxes, hawks, owls, crows, snakes, and more.

What they do for a living

Rabbits have extremely strong hind limbs which allow them to leap a great distance. Rabbits are affectionate social animals that enjoy the company of other rabbits. They will perform allogrooming where two individuals will simultaneously groom each other. Rabbits stand upright on their hind legs to give themselves a better vantage point to look for predators. For the last 60 years rabbits have been increasingly commonly kept as pets in the UK and other countries. Properly caring for an animal as a pet can have significant time and cost implications. For example, caring for a rabbit is likely to cost more than $3000 over the course of it's lifetime.

A few more facts for you to know

People often think rabbits are very easy to look after and that all they need to do is pop them in a hutch in the garden. There are many ways to improve the lives of rabbits kept as pets. For example, rabbits should be kept in pairs. Companionship is key to the welfare of rabbits without the company of another neutered rabbit they get neutered and bored. Rabbits need an appropriate diet. Fiber, in the form of hay and grass, is the most vital food for rabbits. These facts were found at onekind.org.