Middle Earth

A Wonderful Land Filled With Man And Elf

The Sights To See

Middle Earth is a pristine jewel that has many forests and plains as well as stunning mountain ranges that will take your breath away. The Shire is a wonderful quaint town with nice people who tend to their farms and homes. Erebor the home to the king under the mountain, Smoug and the kings jewels. Gold flowing like rivers inside the crust of the mountain.


The Lonely Mountains City is a especially spectacular city with rivers of gold, ruby, saphire, and Diamond. Dwarfs fill it all the way to the core. Arabor is home to many hardy homes inns, shops, smithes, and mines.
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Mirkwood was a simply Stunning vista, but not any more because of... YOU GUESSED IT: BLACK MAGIC. Spiders crawl on the branches of the woods eating travelers. STAY AWAY!

Helms Deep

Once a great battle was fought here between man and orc to decide the fate of middle earth. Saron the antagonist tried to take middle earth about 100 years before the second war.
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The History of Middle Earth is legendary. Wars have been fought between races . Dragons have burned down villages and orcs have slaughtered many. Although bad things have occured heros have all ways stopped there evil ways.


Middle Earth isn't super safe so stay careful

WARNING!: Middle Earth does have a crime population of orcs and brigands be careful stay with your guide always. Trolls are dangerous too, be careful of them.