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Here are some resources and examples of educational Twitter use. Follow me on Twitter: @cashjim

Another SMORE listing various active #peel21st Twitter accounts is available. If you are not on that list, there is a form you can use to submit your username.

Spotlight: Mr. Reid in Kamloops

In the early spring of 2011, Mr. Reid started a class project where students began researching the political parties and leaders. He wanted to make it more constructivist, engaging and real-world like. There was a federal election coming up: May 2, 2011.

For his Socials 11 class, he started a twitter account: (now deleted)

They started asking the federal political leaders questions, and then started to ask the local candidates questions via twitter.

At first there were no responses from candidates. The first reaction at all were emails and phone calls from the local radio station, and then the local newspaper. They found out about the class Twitter account on Twitter. Mr. Reid did some interviews and the newspaper visited his class.


As they posted a number of questions directed @ specific politicians, they got a phone call to the classroom from the Globe and Mail. Mr. Reid did a short interview.


All of the media outlets continued to follow the class on twitter because the class continued to tweet questions to the candidates throughout the election campaign until May 2nd.

Mr. Reid described the effect of the use of Twitter as follows:

  • My students are really getting interested in and engaged about the election campaign
  • Students are learning through doing and it doesn’t feel school-like, its authentic
  • We have now got answers to our questions on twitter by the local Conservative & Green party candidates.
  • Now, we may actually have the local (not sure about party leaders yet) candidates ear and they will be answering our questions.
  • I am not sure where this project will go, but we have been talking about inviting some candidates to come visit us in our class. Via twitter of course.

Eric Sheninger - Principal Twitter

Eric Sheninger, principal of New Milford High School located in Bergen County in New Jersey explains Twitter can be used as free way to get useful information out to students or parents. He also explains how teachers are using it as a tool in the classroom. He describes an example from a science class in which students has to Tweet out the process of RNA transcription using 140 keystrokes or less.

Example PDSB Classroom Twitter Accounts

Tweet, Tweet, Go the Kindergartners

This is a great article that demonstrates that the most important thing is that it is not about what tool you use but how you use it. In Ms. Aaron's Kindergarten class, students Tweet daily about what they are doing in class. The parents follow the protected class account: @JensClass


Video below:

Tweeting Tots

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - Twitter for Teachers

Page Intro: "This presentation provides an in-depth overview of the micro-blogging tool, Twitter. The links to the tips, tricks, tools, research, and other items included in the presentation are listed below."


Twitter in the Science Room

Grade 5 teacher Leah LaCrosse wrote this blog post about all the ways she uses Twitter in her classroom to support her science program. Even though this is grade 5, her ideas can be easily adapted for use at any grade level.