Avid Fall Exam

Jordan Allen,1/11/16,Grade 7, Avid 4

Public Speaking

Public speaking will help me in the future when i apply for a job or college. Since we are learning about it now i wont have to learn about it later. I'm a pretty good speaker now since i have been in AVID.
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Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes help me understand to have better study ethic. It also helped me have a better work ethic. Cornell Notes are what they use in college so i'm preparing for college.

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The TRF helped me with getting better grades in most of my subjects. Tutorials helped me especially in math class so now I have better grades in that class. I really enjoyed the Avid tutorials.
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Community Service

Community Service has taught me to be a better man. Its good to know that i'm doing something for the community. Without AVID I probably would not do community service.
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AVID Binder

My nice and organized binder has helped me in all my classes. Its nice to know that everything is in the correct folder. So my AVID binder is all i'll ever need in my classes.
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Writing Skills

We have notebooks in AVID were we write are stuff in. AVID taught me to write better words than the baby words i was using. AVID has great writing techniques.
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