Drop into Opportunities

Promoting its newest candy… Hershey’s Drops!

The Hershey Company hosts a fair...

At the fair there will be a drop into many opportunities in life, that may not have been given before.

Where should we begin?

First one will be in Philadelphia then merge to the other huge cities across the U.S that has areas of impoverishment and homelessness.

Drops of Life !

Saturday, Dec. 13th, 11:45am

4431 Belgrade St

Philadelphia, PA

Refreshments: Hershey drops,many different appetizers and a wide range of drinks.

Who are we targeting?

The impoverished children and adults.

What's going to be there?

There will be many different stations that will allow people to gain the knowledge of how to Drop the cycle.

Activities at the event :

  • Resume building
  • Computer learning
  • Attire
  • Speaking
  • Confidence
  • Financial literacy
  • Organization
  • Schooling
  • Housing

How are we going to actually promote the Hershey Drops ?

When you come to the fair take a picture with the Hershey drops and post it on Instagram, and any other social media that you may have.

Nobody is a product of their circumstances but a product of their effort.

Just a Milton Hershey he didn't allow his circumstances to determine his future. As a part of the Hershey Company’s mission statement it’s important to keep the legacy going of success. The Hershey Company already has the Milton Hershey School, so why not spread the opportunity.

The event is free it when you register.

If last minute choice call 1800-Hershey

Why is this event important?

It will promote the Hershey drops and well as recognizing The Hershey Company for their corporate social responsibility. HSY will being helping many different people gain the ability to go out and receive employment; which is an item that are needed in many different areas throughout the U.S.

Just like the Hershey drops we want to make you easily accessible, reliable and needed because you're just that worthy.