Fictional Literature

Jason’s new dugout canoe by Barber-Starkey, Joe.

Jason's New Dugout Canoe

This is a picture book depicting the culture of First Nations of the Northwest coast. "The task of being the canoe-maker was one of the most important an respected in the culture of the First Nations of the Northwest coast." Interwoven through the story of the making of Jason's canoe are many readable pieces of information about the culture of the Nootka. The process of making the canoe from cedar is described, and Jason takes an active part in building his new one when his old one is destroyed in a storm.Some of the keywords in this book were Aboriginal Peoples ; First Nations ; Identity ; Culture.

This book is appropriate addition in my unit plan, as it allows students to appreciate and respect multiple perspectives and understand the culture of the First Nations. During the reading of this book, students will begin to define their cultural identity while comparing it to the Aboriginal cultures. They will be able to see the differences between how things were done in the past compared to the culture.

The books ideas and subject matter is clearly identified and matches well with the outcomes of my unit, hence I will rate it as being "Superior".

Reference: Barber-Starkey, J. (2001). Jason's new dugout canoe . Harbor