Comprehensive Numeracy Strategy, K to 12

Purposeful Practice

A balanced math program provides opportunities for students to practice and consolidate skills and procedures. Purposeful Practice strengthens the connection between skills, concepts, strategies and thinking. It improves speed and accuracy and helps students remember concepts, facts and procedures.

Once conceptual understanding has been established, purposeful practice helps students develop computational and procedural fluency. The important thing is that practice is purposeful and responsive to each individual student’s needs.

FAQ about Purposeful Practice

Purposeful Use of Resources

When it comes to the Purposeful Use of Resources, a variety of tools are used to engage students and support learning. Resources and tools are selected thoughtfully, informed by curricular expectations and are responsive to student learning needs.

Manipulatives, technology, media, textbooks and professional materials (e.g. Guides to Effective Instruction, TIPS, Edugains.ca) are all valuable resources. Using a resource purposefully is different than following the resource lesson by lesson.

FAQ about Purposeful Use of Resources
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Purposeful Practice supports

What is mathematical thinking?

Three-part lesson design

Purposeful practice during the consolidation phase of three-part lesson

Communication in the math classroom


Supporting purposeful teacher practices

Gradual release of responsibility (see graphic below)

Culturally responsive practices

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Purposeful Use of Resources supports

EduGAINS is a website that houses ministry-developed resources to support the effective teaching and learning of mathematics.

Paying attention to math education


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Meet the EngageMath team

Meet the members of the Peel District School Board's EngageMath team:

  • Ted Byers, Superintendent of Education
  • Kristen Clarke, Instructional Coordinator - Assessment
  • Jan Crofoot, PPVPA
  • Jeff deFreitas, Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Mary Fiore, Instructional Coordinator - Mathematical Literacy
  • Adrian Graham, Coordinating Principal - Student Success Learning to 18
  • Crissa Hill, PSSVPA
  • David Jack, School Effectiveness Lead
  • Marialuisa Lebar, Instructional Coordinator - Literacy
  • Anne MacDonald, Ministry - Student Achievement Officer
  • Julie MacLeod, Ministry - Student Achievement Officer
  • Scott Moreash, Associate Director Instructional Support Services
  • Jill Ott, School Effectiveness Lead
  • Cathy Roper, Coordinating Principal - Elementary
  • Pat Rossall, Superintendent of Education
  • Andrew Sobolewski, OSSTF – District 19
  • Carol Speers, Superintendent - Alternative Education and SSL18
  • Carol Suhay, Coordinating Principal - Secondary
  • Joy Uniac, Superintendent of Education
  • Kurt Uriarte, PETL
  • Terry Whitmell, PASSP

The Peel board's Instructional Co-ordinator for Mathematical Literacy Mary Fiore and her team of Math Resource Teachers (Tina Grandy, Mashelle Kaukab and Matthew Oldridge) are also instrumental in supporting the implementation of EngageMath. More than 60 instructional coaches are also deployed in Peel schools to support staff in focused professional development in the use of effective math instructional strategies.