Come To Virginia!

The colony where you want to be!

Where we are from

We pride ourselves in being the first English colony in the world. In 1607 the renown Virginia company for which our colony was so named founded the first settlement known as Jamestown. We were off to a bad start. Famine, disease and conflict with local Native American tribes brought Jamestown to the brink of failure, but with the strong will and constant effort of our people we prevailed. When a new group of settlers and supplies arrived in 1610 our efforts finally paid off and we started to make money. We grew tobacco as a profitable export, and because of how profitable we are the king himself has made us into a crown colony. We have set up a legislative body known as the house of burgesses, and we are very proud of the governmental and economic structure we have established in this beautiful colony.


Virginia is an ideally located colony. It has a beautiful climate. We experience all the seasons: winter, summer, spring and fall. We see beautiful colors year round. But just because somewhere is beautiful doesn't make an ideal location to live at. Virginia's location is not only beautiful but also profitable. Where we are is a great location for tobacco crop. It is a highly profitable resource that is sure to grow in Virginia's perfect temperature. Since Virginia is also located adjacent to the Atlantic ocean, it is the perfect location for a port which has stimulated much economic growth in the colony. It is perfect to export the tobacco that we grow.

Our History

Virginia is filled a rich a long history. One of the largest events is the Bacons Rebellion of 1676, in which settlers led by Nathaniel Bacon rebelled against Governer William Berkely. This was a fight against the Native Americans of the area who had refused to cooperate and trade with our people. It was the first rebellion in the colonies. Another was the Indian Massacre of 1622 in which after the death of Pocahontas and the rise of disease, poor harvests and growing demand for land caused hostility between us and the Indians. The Indians attacked us first and we retaliated with our full might. Finally after a series of bloody battles and fights we signed a treaty of peace in 1646. We are motivated by our history to maintain excellent relations with the Indians so that what happened before will not happen again.

Influential people

There are many very impressive people to live in the colony of the Virginia. The colony was founded in 1607 by John Smith who was known for his association with Pocohontas and others such as the famous John Rolfe.
So Come and live in Virginia. There is no way you can go wrong by it. We have an excellent colony here. Perfect weather, a booming economy, assured success and best of all everyone here is kind and great. So don't wait and come live in the best place to be.