Preschool News


HI! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving spent with family and friends. I wanted to send out a quick newsletter with some reminders and dates, since I didn't send one out last week.

- December 3rd- Christmas Program . Please have your students there 15 minutes prior to the concert starting. The attire usually consist of dresses for girls and a nice outfit for boys. Don't feel like you need to go by something new as it is not required, but most children will be dressy :)

-Book Orders due tomorrow

- December 22- Christmas Party

- You can start sending in the classroom gifts. Remember boys buy for boys and girls for girls. We have a $5 dollar limit and the gifts need to be wrapped and addressed to either a boy or girl and from your child.

- Pennies for Pets- We are doing a fundraisers for Hope Animal Rescue. The whole school will be collecting change to donate to this rescue. Two associates from our classroom, Mr. Hammen and Mrs. Douma work for this rescue, so I think it would be great if our classroom could show a lot of support!

- Send back blankets

-Send back mitten homework ASAP :)

This is an area of the newsletter to check frequently. With winter here we have a lot of clothing pieces. When you have 15 kids that is a lot of gloves, hats, etc..... If your child is missing an item let me know and I will put it in the newsletter to try and find it. Here our the items missing:

A pair of black snow overalls
A Trojan Stocking Cap
I also have a nice pair of snow pants in the room that don't have an owner.

Contact me if you have these or are missing the snow pants :)