Jacob G. Period 6

Deep in the ocean, Deep in the dark world, Daring to go down seeing the furosos beast lurking down there.sharks are vicious and endangered. There are many sharks in the world but only one is the biggest. That is the megaledon.

Lots of people think that the great white is the biggest shark, but there are so wrong. The biggest living shark is called the whale shark. It is measured in at over 60 feet long and weighs more than 10 tons. People think that a 8.3 inch shark has no power... but there wrong.That shark is the smallest shark in the world and it has a name... the dwarf shark.

The most interesting thing is that from 2000-2004 57 to 78 shark accidents per year were recorded by the international shark attack file or the ISAF. Out of those accidents 4 to 11 were fatal. There are 264,156,728 million water sports and out of those 74 are caused by drowning and 23... yes 23 are caused by sharks.

sharks have a long history on being on earth. fossils recorded that sharks have been on earth for more than 400 million years. some sharks have also been around longer than dinosaurs. since they have been around for such along time, people might start to think that sharks can live up to 400 years... well there wrong. it has been proven that every shark has its own lifespan. the smooth dogfish may only live up to 16 years , but the whale shark can live up to 100 years.

these fearless predators use may tackets to get its prey. they might use speed sensers and hearing. large sharks dont really have good speed. they usally cruise at 1.5 MPH. the fastest shark, the short fin mako can swim up to 20 MPH. they can chase down prey such as tuna and swordfish. a great white can smell a drop of blood from 2 miles away. the bull shark is also a very good hunter. it has the greatest force amoung sharks pound for pound. there bite force can even be more powerful than a great white. scientist concluded that a 9 foot long bull has a bite force of 478 pounds.

sharks are magnificent creatures and i think that they will play an important role in the food chain.scientist will only be collecting more data from these awesome animals.


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