Kepler 22b

May be habitable for life!

Kepler 22b facts

Kepler 22b has a sun just like ours which tells us there may be a better chance of being habitable. It is also conformed it may have water and rock which would be great for us. But there is a bad part is it is 2.4 times the size of earth witch makes it have a better chance of a gaseous planet or a liquid planet and its 600 light years away ( 22 million regular years ) so we'll get there when "we" fly.

More Facts About Kepler 22b

More facts

Kepler 22b was named after the telescope that found it and a famous astronomer. Its axis is turned in the hapitable zone. Its sun is a little dimmer than ours and its closer to it so its years are only 290 days. It also has a regular temperature of 72 degrees. It is also bigger than all the inner planets combined.

Kepler 22b final facts

Kepler 22b is also a part of the constellation Cygnus. It was found on December 11, 2010. It is to far to get to. It was very hard to find. It was found by the Kepler science crew who work very hard to find thousands of Kepler planets.