Seoul, South Korea!!!

By: Cassie Miller peirod 5

Why go to South Korea?

South Korea is the home to many things, like awesome technology, really cool food, and Taekwon-Do!!! This is the reason I chose to go to Seoul, South Korea! Plus, I really just want to say that I ate a mouse brain!

A little information about Korea.

Korea was the first area that Taekwon-Do was declared as a martial art, and that's a good thing too. While Korea is mostly known as the horrible communist country that wants to kill everyone, in reality, that's only North Korea. Seoul is part of the super cool, non-communist, area of South Korea. Korea is also the home of totally cool food. (Like mouse brains)

Culture of Korea

Many people believe that everyone, and everything in Korea is old. Old people, old buildings, and overall just an old culture. Everyone who thinks that is wrong. In fact Korea, much like Japan is one of the main manufactures of computers, phones, and other pieces of technology. Most of which is shipped over to the U.S. Korea may be up to date with technology throughout the world, but much of the old time traditions are still celebrated. Such as the traditional dance of Jeongjaemu. Jeongjaemu is preformed at many festivals and spiritual events.

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Where would I be?

Flights: First flight: United Airline leaving from Denver at 8:05am, arrival at 9:55am in San Francisco. 55 minute layover, next flight is at 10:50am leaving from San Francisco, arrival in Seoul, South Korea at 3:05pm (the next day)

Coming home: Air Canada, departure at 6:20pm, arrival at 12:35am in Vancouver. Layover for a few hours. Then at 2:35 am I travel to Denver. Arrival is at 6:00am.

Cost: The overall price of all the flights is $3,467.00.


Lodging and Hotel

Hotel Name: Seoul Palace

Hotel Price: $516.00 (All four nights)

What does your hotel offer? What does your room look like?

The Seoul palace offers breakfast, ( which I will be eating at every morning.) The room is a standard twin bed room. Both beds are queens.



Activity 1: The war memorial of Korea.

Description: Tour of war history in Korea. Statues and lots of great information. It's the perfect place to learn about the split of North and South Korea. This is one of the places we will go on the first day of travel.

Cost: $0.00

Activity 2: Myeong Dong NANTA theatre.

Description: We will be watching a performance. The performance will be a mix of Korean and American culture. This will show just how similar our cultures really are. Brittany Jones says that, ¨I learned so much from this, best war memorial ever!¨ I'm so excited.

Cost: $15.00

Activity 3: Bukhansan National Park

Description: You get to see the wildlife and nature of Seoul! It will probably be like the Yellowstone National Park. A google user says that ¨it was one of the best parks they had ever seen.¨ I think that it would be really pretty.

Cost: $10.00

Activity 4: Coex Aquarium

Description: A Korean aquarium, the perfect time to see all the fish in Korea. Since I want to be a marine biologist, this will be perfect. Susan Green states that ¨the food there is really good.¨ This might be the perfect place for lunch.

Cost: $30

Activity 5: Hongdae NANTA Theatre

Description: Watching a classic Korean play, and we get a tour of the theatre. The theatre was built over 50 years ago and still plays some of the same shows.

Cost: $10.00

Activity 6: International Kumgang Taekwon-Do Center.

Description: This would be like a Taekwon-Do ¨boot camp¨ where I could practice my Taekwon-Do in it's birthland. Taekwon-do is a great way to get in shape and to kick some butt. Mary Seeker says that ¨the instructor speaks very good English.¨ That will come in handy since I don't speak Korean.

Cost: $50.00


Problems and Solutions: While traveling a problem may occur, think about those problems and how you would solve them.

One problem while in Korea that really sticks out to me is, I can't speak Korean!!! Luckily Ryan, the one I'm taking on my trip, does know how, so I would probably just have him talk to everyone for me. (It works, I'm really shy anyway so it all works. :))

Another problem that I found was trying to plan everything. There was so much to do, but no time, and no money. After A LOT of searching I was able to plan my whole trip, including flights and hotels, in only $4,178. That left me with $5822 to sped on some awesome souvenirs!

Optional: About the traveler. Who are you? Have you ever traveled?

I have traveled before, but never anywhere as far as Korea! I love Taekwon-Do, which is the main reason I chose Korea in the first place. I just got my black belt, and also just turned 13. So my parents call me the teenage black belt. I also love to skateboard, ski, bike, play racket ball, and so on. Anyway, that's pretty much it, thank you for reading my flyer.

Conclusion or reflection

I chose to go to Seoul, South Korea with Ryan, because we both are big into Taekwon-Do, and Korea is where Taekwon-Do was first made into a martial art. Most of my money went into the flights, this affected the trip because I had to make sure that my activities and my food wasn't too pricey. My biggest challenge of planning my trip was limiting my activities. I still had a lot of money left, but I didn't have enough time to do everything that I wanted.(Like skydiving. Dang it) It was hard, but I chose 3 activities that I really wanted to do, and chose 3 activities that I thought Ryan would really want to do. During this process I had to think a lot, not just about what I thought was cool, but what Ryan's personality was, and what he would would enjoy. (I had to take skydiving off the list of activities when I thought about that.) In the end I do think that I was able to find some pretty cool activities, for the both of us. That was why planning activities was the hardest part of this project.
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Just a little bit more...

Korea is one of the world's main producers for computers, phones, etc. Many people see Korea as a horrible country that wants everyone to die! Many people don't know that the main religion, Buddhism, is all about peace. According to Korean history, Buddhism was first introduced by the ¨Holy Dan-Gun¨ in the Silla Dynasty in the year 686 A.D. Silla was one of the three ancient kingdoms of Korea. The three kingdoms are, Kongero, Bae-Ka-Gae, and Silla. Not only is Korea the inventor of Taekwon-Do, but they also invented underfloor heating, mobile type printing, and the MP3 player! So clearly Korea is much more than a horrible country that wants to kill people.

Just a little demonstration of what we do. :)