Mrs. Lago's Class

Third Grade Sarah Noble Intermediate School

Building our Reading Life

This week in Reader's Workshop we focused on taking charge of our reading and determining the qualities that lifelong readers posses. We began by finding reading spots and charting our reading (during class). We also practiced responding to our reading to aid in our book discussions and to reference the text in these discussions. Finally, we talked about what it was like to "get lost" in a book and read with expression and enthusiasm. Our attitude can effect how we read. We want to go into reading with a positive mindset, in order to have the best experience we can.

Math Workshop

This week we have been working to refine our strategies when solving story problems using multiplication. We discussed and shared strategies and looked for patterns in multiplication. We also made our own story problems using multiplication.

Writing Workshop

We have been working on building our community of writers in Writing Workshop. This week we discussed where writer's get their ideas, what to do if we are "stuck", and added to our lists of likes and dislikes. We also started to look for interesting words to use in our writing to make it stand out.

Appreciation Friday

This week we began a tradition of "Appreciation Friday". This is where we share a person (or animal) who made us feel special or whom we appreciate and why. This helps to open communication pertaining to friendships and community, while simultaneously giving credit to those who make us feel special.

Curriculum Night

Tuesday, Sep. 20th, 6pm

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Monday, Oct. 3rd, 12am

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