Roman vs. U.S ideas

Citizenship,law,and justice


Citizenship belonged to all the free law abiding people


Able to vote

To hold office

Own property

Hold office

Own property

Write contracts

Go to court

Not all Men citezens enjoyed all of the rights

Women had limeted right no voting

Slaves have no rights

Freedmen escaped slavery with little rights

Not everyone was equal

The child of a freedmen and women would be born as full citizens

In rome if you are free your children are going to be free.In the united states in you are an illegal imigrant and your child is born here your child is a citizen of the united states but you are not.


Follow the laws


Inhearitance what family gets when a member dies

Contracts between people

Laws were written in the tweleve tables for romans to refer to when they were unsure of something

Natural laws were given to every citezen rights

Connected tolife,liberty,and persuit of happiness

Were do we see that in you the united states

We see it in the declarasion of independance


Judges made court decisions from trials and evdence we learned that from rome.


Fines-pay money


Banishment-have to leave rome


Execution if guilty of treason

Patricide-killing of your father,was punished by drowning in a river

Slaves were beaten,harder work,or often crucified.