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The Australian Red Cross

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'The Power of Humanity'

After a century after it was first founded, the Australian Red Cross is still passionate in helping all people, whether they are old or young.

What is the Australian Red Cross?

This charity is one of the many major charities around Australia. It started in 1914, just after the beginning of the WWI, by Helen Munro Ferguson.

At first, it was supposed to be a part of the British Red Cross and helped the army in lots of things like supplying bandages. They were a member of the International Red Cross Red Crescent along with over a hundred other countries.

The young organisation rapidly grew in the country, especially New South Wales. In less than a year, in fact a few months, there were around three hundred branches in the whole of New South Wales.

What Are They Up To?

Even now, Red Cross is still helping and taking part in problems in other countries as well as our own.

The Ebola Crisis

Like many other charities around the world, Red Cross Australia is taking part in tackling Ebola, a major threat to many people living in West Africa, particularly Sierra Leone and Liberia. With the help of Red Cross Australia, many people who are infected will survive.

Giving a Hand to People in War Stricken Countries

Red Cross is assisting people who are in countries that has civil wars. They are also supporting women's rights and are deeply against the use of nuclear weapons as they have a devastating effect in the world's history.

Helping developing countries

Developing countries, especially Papua New Guinea, are receiving help from this organisation. Australian Red Cross is working together with Papua New Guinea's Red Cross to help victims recover from natural disasters that might strike, provide fresh water and vaccinations.

What's Next?

Red Cross is planning to encourage more people to volunteer and donate so that they can be a part of making the world a better place.
Overall, I believe that the Australian Red Cross is contributing a lot to improving people's lives as well as assisting countries when they are in need. A lot of people are very pleased about what the Australian Red Cross does, including me.

One way that the Australian Red Cross would improve is by reaching out to more places that have problems. They can, for example, help sick animals such as whales and prevent extinction.