Ms. Harrold's Grade 2 Classroom

We learn through discovery!

Students will have an opportunity each day to take part in exploratory activities in all subject areas. Children are encouraged to ask questions about what they are learning and how it connects to the world around them.

We value deep understanding!

Students will work towards a deep understanding of math fundamentals. Our focus is not on the how, but on the why. Many of this years math concepts will be explored through problem solving, where multiple paths to a solution are honoured.

We are readers and writers!

Students will read and write independently every day. They will also regularly read in pairs and participate in small reading and writing groups. Students are encouraged to read for pleasure, as well as to gather information. Each student will keep a list of possible topics to write about and will create a writing portfolio.

We are artists and athletes!

The Arts and Physical Education are not extras, but an essential part of our learning. Students have the opportunity to express their creativity and build important teamwork and leadership skills. It's also a chance to develop fine and gross motor skills and explore new ideas and possible areas of interest

We are a community!

Our class works together to support each others' learning. We will use a classroom circle to help build our community mindset and to create a positive environment that will help each and every student feel safe enough to take the risks that are necessary for deep learning.

We need your help!

Your son or daughter's learning does not end at school. Here are a few ideas to help them share their learning with you:

  • When they complete a math problem ask them "How do you know?"
  • Read to them and have them read to you
  • Help your child to record any questions that they have about the world and what they notice around them
  • Talk about what you are reading
  • Avoid the urge to show them the "rule" or "short-cut" in math. These rules and short-cuts have much more meaning when they are discovered by the students themselves

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your son or daughters learning.