Learning at Home

2nd Grade Learning for the Week of May 18th

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are entering our sixth and final week of remote learning! This week we are continuing our countdown to Third Grade Activity Days. Students can take pictures of themselves on dress up days and share them to Seesaw.

Monday, May 18th

G-is for GAME DAY. Play your favorite game with your family.

Tuesday, May19th

R-is for RAINBOW DAY. Wear as many colors as you can.

Wednesday, May 20th

A-is for ANIMAL DAY. Read to your pet or stuffed animal.

Thursday, May 21st


Friday, May 22nd

E-is for EXERCISE DAY. Learn a new exercise today.

If you need help with anything, please contact us through Seesaw or email. Thank you for all of your help and patience during this time.

Have a great week and a great summer!

The Second Grade Teachers

Mrs. Cromp regena.cromp@rc255.net

Mrs. Friddle deanne.friddle@rc255.net

Mrs. Petersen stephanie.petersen@rc255.net

Mrs Rowatt laura.rowatt@rc255.net

Mrs. Spoto tracy.spoto@rc255.net

Reading & Writing Assignments

  • Read 15 minutes per day Monday-Friday (Use Epic or your own personal library)

Seesaw Assignments
    • Compare and Contrast Remote learning to a Regular School Day

    • Compare and Contrast Activity

Links to the Activities




To find books to read at home check out Epic. To connect to Epic use your child's class code.

Our Class Codes:

Mrs. Cromp & Mrs. Friddle: ajt2597

Mrs. Rowatt: gyg3370

Mrs. Petersen: dqx5207

Mrs. Spoto: msz2858

Math Assignments

Continue with math fact practice daily

1. Watch subtraction flash.

Seesaw Telling Time Activities

(We recommend you do the following math activities in the order below)

  • Watch module 8 Lesson 14
  • Telling Time Game- Quarter Hour
  • Time--Half and Quarter-Hour

Check out the links at the bottom of the page for math flash cards and core fluency timings.

Cursive Handwriting

  • We have taught all of the lower case cursive letters. Students still need to learn the uppercase letters. Check out The Cursive Writing app that the students could use to learn and practice all of the letters. Check out the link below for some free printable handwriting worksheets from Zaner-Bloser.

End of the Year Additional Activities

  • End of the Year- I had a Ball this year!
  • End of the Year T-shirt creation
  • Photo Signs and end of the year reflection- 2nd grade


Check out the BINGO game the RCES Specialist Teachers are playing on their webpages!!!!!

Welcome to Our Digital Classrooms!

  • We will meet every Monday and Friday at 9:00 am

  • During this time we will take attendance and have a morning meeting to go over work for the week or questions about the assignments.

  • If your child is not in attendance for the Monday meeting, we will be in contact with you through Seesaw or phone to check in.


  1. Keep your device muted by clicking the microphone button.

  2. Try to use the bathroom and eat before we get started.

  3. Find a comfortable spot to learn in. It is best to keep your device on a steady surface. I suggest a table.

  4. Make sure your device is plugged in or charged.

  5. Gather supplies and printed work so you are ready to go.

  6. Even though we are not in the classroom, all of our classroom rules still apply.

  7. Listen carefully to your teacher and if you have a question, raise your hand.

  8. If I call on you, unmute your microphone so we can all hear you!

  9. Get ready to learn and be patient with your teacher because this is a learning experience for everyone.

  10. Try your best!

Remote Learning Technology Assistance

If at any time you experience technical difficulties related to the Remote Learning Process, please contact our Technology Support Hotline:

Email: support@rc255.net

Call: 815-458-4137 and choose Option 3​