Abraham Lincoln

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Lincoln's father lost his most important thing's like their house and his job when Lincoln was small they had to move to Perry county, Indiana where they struggled to get by. Lincoln's mother died when at 9 if he was in this world he would of been in 4 grade. When Lincoln's mother died he had nobody to take care of him so Lincoln's sister Sarah said she would take care of him. Abraham Lincoln was born the 2/12/1809.


Lincoln got elected in the 1860 election. And became an inaugurated president in march 1861. When Lincoln became president people in the south did not want him to be president so they secede (left the country). Then when everyone left the country they all came together and they formed a new country.

The civil war

The civil war started April 12, 1861. The civil war lasted 4 years and costed 600,000 men's life's. Lincoln ran into many problem's but was able to hold the country together. Lincoln was a republican. Lincoln called an army to go after the south.

The end of the civil war

The civil war ended April 9, 1865. The civil war ended because Robert E . L. What Lincoln wanted the most was the country to heal , forgive , and rebuild. Lincoln wanted to be generous so he helped the south rebuild in construction. Lincoln could not live to see the country rebuild.


Lincoln got shot on the 15 of April. Lincoln got shot by John Wilkes. Lincoln died in Washington D.C wile watching a play. When Lincoln was shot he tolled his bodyguard that he dreamed he would be assassinated.