The Rubbish Picker 2000.

By Liam.

Need or Problem to solve.

I want to solve the problem of litering.

The inventions curently made today to solve the problem of littering.

I know these inventions solve this problem today. The rubbish bin, the garbig bag , the garbige truck and recycle truck.

My invention`s name.

It`s name is the rubbish picker 2000.

What the rubbish picker 2000 does and how it works.

The rubbish picker 2000 scans for rubbish. It goes to the rubbis, picks up the rubbish and sorts it into garbig and recycle. It puts the rubbish into the garbig or recycle compreser and terns the rubish into ful and goes into the ful tank. The rubbish picker 2000 work on rubbish and the sun and it has an on and off butten.

How will the rubbish picker 2000 improve in peoples lives?

The rubbish picker 2000 will improve in people`s because there wouldn`t be lots of rubbish if the rubbish picker 2000 isn`t made there would be rubbish everywhere. If there was lots of rubbish everywhere you wouldn`t be able to go outside.

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