Minnesota is great come here!

When you visit you'll never want to leave!

Facts of minnesota and fun places.

1.We have fort snelling. 2. We dissmiss slavery. 3. There is beautiful nature here. 4. We have new bussinesses. 5. We will hier you for work. Fort snelling is place thats great because,1,fort snelling was built to keep peace among the indians.2.Fort snelling was also built for a military base.

Minnesotas ideas of travel

Traveling by steamboat ,important people and quotes.

The best way to travel in my own opion is steamboat. It might be a little slow but it works great! Be safe if you go on the steamboat. Alexander Ramsey is a great a great first territorial governor and the second state governor.Harriet bishop once said "here is a field to be cultivated." She was only trying to make the people more proper.