Skylab Mission

By: Soyoung Cho

Skylab Mission

  • Skylab was America's first experimental space station
  • Skylab was operated by NASA
  • It was designed for long duration missions in the orbit of space
  • There were 2 reasons on making the Skylab observatory
1. To prove that people can work and live in space for extended periods of time

2. To expand our knowledge for solar astronomy way beyond earth based observation

  • Launched: May 14. 1973
  • Returned: February 8. 1974

Skylab One- Fail

  • The first launch of the Skylab station was a fail

  • The meteoroid shield of the station ripped apart 63 seconds after its launch

  • With the meteoroid shield, 2 special panels ripped off as well

Crews and Facts

  • The first crew of the Skylab was Pete Conrad, Paul Weitz, and Joe Kerwin

  • The first crew spent 28 days in orbit

  • The first crew traveled the distance of 11.5 million miles

  • The second crew was Alan Bean, Jack Lousma and Owen Garriott.

  • The second crew spent 59 days in orbit

  • The second crew traveled the distance of 24.5 million miles

  • The final crew was Jerry Carr, Bill Pogue and Edward Gibson.
  • The final Skylab crew spent 84 days in orbit
  • The final crew traveled the distance of 55.5 million miles

Extra Facts

  • The commander of the first crew was Pete Conrad

  • The medical officer of the first crew was Joe Kerwin

  • On Skylab 2 Owen Garriott performs a space walk


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