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Welcome to eWalkThrough Fuel, Volume 3 No. 1, a quarterly communique for the SWPRSC Digital eWalkThrough® System. We are pleased to offer your team support for instructional observation during the 2016-2017 academic year!

The Digital eWalkThrough® System is a research-based model for effective and efficient instructional leadership. If student success is the destination, education is the engine, and eWalkThrough® is the fuel.

Expect the eWalkThrough Fuel quarterly from Dr. Kelly Gillespie, CEO of Southwest Plains Regional Service Center. Our professional learning team is dedicated to the design of innovative solutions that will deliver the results you require for your staff and your students.

eWT Fuel - Volume 3 Number 1

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Why conduct eWalkThroughs®?

As you and your team continue real-time observation of teaching in your organization, it is important to remember WHY! Why are you spending time in classrooms? Why are you observing delivery of instruction, as well as student engagement and student learning? What is the real purpose of this work?

Here is a partial list! This is WHY your instructional leadership matters. This is WHY your time and effort make a difference!

  • High Fives! - Recognizing excellent teaching in action!
  • Visible Leadership - Modeling authentic interest in the day-in-and-day-out efforts of your teachers and of students.
  • Professional Learning - Capturing and analyzing eWalkThrough® data across your organization can objectively drive the design of differentiated professional learning.
  • Self-Reflection & Conversation - Coaching & mentoring are now based on real-time observation--in the classroom--where expectations meet practice!
  • Continuous Improvement and KESA - Objective data for decision-making, for accreditation, and for on-going excellence in a continuous improvement model are now a reality.

How to Conduct eWalkThroughs®

Follow these basic guidelines in order to perform best practice instructional observation:


Best practice for eWalkThrough® centers on a 3-5 minute observation. Enter a classroom and proceed to quickly and efficiently check for the identified priorities, the look-fors on your customized eWalkThrough® tool.

The point is to simply take a snapshot of what is going on in the classroom at that moment and then exit. No interruptions. No discussion. No adjustments.

Across time these snapshots will reveal patterns. Collectively, eWalkThrough® snapshots work together to form a panoramic picture of instruction in a district or school.


eWalkThrough® observations must become routine. Ideally, eWalkThrough® observation becomes habit for the observer. eWalkThrough® observation becomes typical procedure for the teacher. eWalkThrough® observation even becomes routine for the students.

When data are regularly and consistently collected, the results will be valid and reliable. These data support instructional leaders as they, in turn, support teachers.

Unannounced and Unobtrusive

Initially, teachers and students will notice when an observer enters the classroom. Behaviors will change. Authentic actions will be compromised.

eWalkThrough® observation should be unannounced and unobtrusive. Within weeks after the process is initiated, eWalkThroughs® will become more and more routine. Neither teachers, nor students will notice that an observation is being conducted. This is eWalkThrough® at its best.

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