A Different Kind of Support Group

for Breast Cancer Survivors

As a breast cancer survivor, do you have parts of you that...

Get nervous anticipating every new mamogram?Worries about any odd feeling or pain in your body?Fears the cancer returning?

Do you often hear from family, friends and loved ones....

Don't dwell on it.No matter what, think positive!Always be strong!

Many women affected by breast cancer learn to bottle up some of their feelings. They are concerned about being seen as weak or complaining. They don't want to worry others around them, or bring them down. Often, they are in roles of taking care of others and feel the need to always be strong, downplaying their own needs.

Who takes care of those parts of you?You can! Find out how you can comfort, reassure and care for the parts of you that often get pushed away or ignored by our common methods of coping. Be part of of a support group that welcomes those troubling thoughts and finds a place for them to get what they really need.