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Principal Newsletter: 09 September 2019

What is your favorite part about being at Crossroads Academy High School?

Through the work of the week that goes along with all of the learning and moving parts in our school, I took a moment to ask some of our team members and students what is their favorite part of being at Crossroads Academy. Their answers all unique and particular are reminders of the importance of our mission. We are a school built to create new pathways toward excellence in student success and achievement. Student Victor Pizarro shared that he was looking forward to graduation and the opportunities he expects to have for continued success in college. Ms. Jaclyn Gonzales, our Family Specialist said her favorite aspects of Crossroads are the students, adding "I feel like they're my children now, and I want them to succeed, and I love reaching out to them everyday." Student Christopher Rodriguez shared that he knows "graduation is just around the corner." Ms. Maribel Correa, our administrative assistant said she loves seeing, greeting, and being there for the students each day.

This week we celebrated over a dozen students earning course credit toward graduation. We shared in the joy of watching students who had once given up rekindle their lights of academic hope. Each day we believe whole-heartedly in the U, and we love and cherish the opportunity we have to serve Uvalde.

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Crossroads Open House

Thursday, Sep. 19th, 5-6:30pm

Crossroads Academy High School, Uvalde, TX

Join us for light snacks, refreshments, and campus information.