Plant germination

By: Danae' Herman, and Trent McNair

Root or shoot develops first? Why?

The root developed first and because it needs to dig down in the soil to get the water it needs to grow.

What happens once the seed imbibes (absorbs) water?

It starts growing the roots and then the shoots. And once the plant has reached the surface it starts the photothesis process.

Difference between monocot and dicot germination? Amount of time? Why?

Monocot is a corn seed and they are usually slower. They have a single leaf to start with and the leaf is long and narrow. To each seed is only one leaf. A dicot which is bean is usually faster. And have 2 seed leaves, these leaves contain food for the new plant.

What is stored inside a seed when it is dormant?

A dormant seed is one that is unable to germinate in a specified period of time under a combination of environmental factors that are normally suitable for the germination of the non-dormant seed. Dormancy is a mechanism to prevent germination during unsuitable ecological conditions, when the probability of seedling survival is low.

Does the presence of light affect germination? How or Why?

If there is no light then the plant cannot start photosynthesis and continue to grow and make ATP to keep the plant healthy and green.

Why do some seeds not germinate at all?

It depends on if you water them too much or if you keep it out of sunlight to much then it cannot germinate. Also temperature matters too.

Why do some germinated seeds die when transplanted to soil?

Sometimes when you transplant them you can cut a root and then that kills the plant.

What are the vital nutrients for seed germination? Why?

The nutrients the seeds need are water, sunlight, and good soil that has drainage but also can whole water too.

How does gravitropism affect germinated seeds?

The roots wil go down but sometimes the plant will get confused if there is no light and the roots will grow up and the leaves will grow down.

Are beans and corn vascular or nonvascular?

Corn are Vascular and beans are Vascular also. Corn plants and bean plants are gymnosperm.

Plant growth

The plant growth was slow at first but then after it was in the sunlight it increased. Also when i added calcium to the leaves the plant growth increased a lot.

Soil nutrients test

My plant is larger now but before all the plants popped up the plants were smaller. My leaves are bigger then the stems are although the stems are long. My plant did not die, and did not change colors.
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Plant hormones

One of my plants grew around another to get to the light. And the leaves find each hole of sunlight its fit together like a puzzle.

Plant Growth cont.

The stems are growing vertically and the stems are growing at the base of the petiole and at the tip of the leaf.