Mrs. Lee's Classroom Spotlight

By Mrs. Lee's 3rd Grade Class

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The Number One Teacher

by Nitya & Rylie

Mrs. Lee sorts it all out. She never gives up and sorts out all the trouble. Mrs. Lee is very kind to her students. She helps when students need help. Mrs. Lee gives us 10 minute breaks. We have science and she tries to make things as fun as possible. She does things for us and makes competitions for us to earn fun time. Mrs. Lee sometimes gives us prizes like notebooks and erasers for doing well.

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Our Class

By Vivyana & Inaaya

Mrs lee’s class is AMAZING! They are all very kind and loyal. Whenever someone needs help, everyone wants to help that person! Almost everyone in the class likes video games! They like Among us, Minecraft, Roblox and more! Almost everyone's favourite subject is math. Otherwise it’s reading! In Mrs Lee's class, everyone is welcome!

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Truffles Math

by Veeksha & Claire

On February 22, We started working on a project called Muffles Truffles. Muffles Started a Truffle Shop.Muffles gets so busy he needs helpers. Patricio makes a box for the truffles from the 22nd, We helped Patricio design boxes. All types of boxes. Soon Patricio came up with the idea of creating bigger boxes from a box of ten. So we started creating bigger boxes.

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Reading: The Toy Shop

by Tiara

This is a book about toys and people are trying to pick which is their favorite toy. In the middle of the book the children are buying different toys and the kids are happy, but they fight about a book and a puppy. They found different puppies to choose and the last person got the cute puppy they were all fighting for.

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Amazing and fascinating writing

By Jotham and Erix

We have made great writing in Mrs.Lee’s class. We explored a lot of units such as (from October 5 to November 6) true stories, (November 9 to November 30) Art of information. Nonfiction stories we already know about, (December 1 to December 18) forces - magnetism, gravity and friction, biographies, (Jan.4 to Feb. 8 ) opinion writing, (Feb. 9 and still going) baby literary essays + black history baby literary essays, (Feb. 18 and still going) black history research project.

We learned how to indent between every paragraph. When we used indenting our work got more neater, easy to read and more formated. We learned how to make hooks and leads. Hooks is a type of lead that makes people want to read more. We learned how to make conclusions.

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by Mateo & Luke

We have science in the morning. We learned about the fish named the Splash Tetra. The male splashes water to keep the eggs wet.

We learned about gravity, magnetism, and friction. When you jump gravity is pulling us down. If the floor is smooth and shiny there is less friction and you can slip easily. There is more friction on the carpet, so the carpet would move with you. You would not slide on the carpet, the carpet would slide on the floor where there is less friction.

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Fun at School

by Soltan & Logarakashagan

After school we go to break out rooms and play Among Us or draw. We play Kahoot and Roblox, too. During the school school day we take breaks and talk to each other.

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Special Event

By Kyla & Valerie

Special events are a big thing in school. They make school fun. The 100th day of school is an event. Special events are more like prizes. If we have been in school all the way to spring break then we would do like a spring break party and same with all the other breaks. We also have small events like ” Fun Friday” for example. We also may have big events like “ Winter break party “ As much as special events are fun and all that. We also do learning events. It may not sound fun but it is as the teacher tries to make it not even seem like its learning. And that's why special events are always fun!

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Social Groups

by Jude & Steve

We always have an Social Groups at the end of the day there are 4 main ones among us, chat, kahoot and roblox. We only have 4 so we don’t have all of these rooms and among us needs 4 people to play among us chat and kahoot needs two people at least! So that's why we can’t make it 2 groups because we talk too much and not 6 groups because they are too spread out but they're a goldilock zone between 3 and 5. 4 is just in the middle which makes it perfect!
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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

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