haiti and its facts

a progect by joey esker

this is the flag of haiti

the flag is red wite blue and green with a picture of a palm tree and a canon flags and a marching drum on a hill side.
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what is haitis currency

haiti uses the haitian gourde thay have not swiched to the euro because there econmy is very bad after the earth quake.
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the economic system

the reason the system has bein bad is the earthquake that hit in 2010 most of haiti was destroyed and the rebuld still continues today. the people of haiti are still reseving help to rebuld and recover from this catastrophy.

tourst atractions

the country of haiti is full of cool atractions such as beaches and cool cultural art museams with the way it is placed it is an island so it is a nice place for vacation.

the political system is soclism and thay have a presadent.

the leader is michel martelly and the economic system is soclism whitch means the people folow and get rites to them selves.
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the geographal info

it is a penisula in europe that was controled by germany but now is under its own power and is known for the beaches and the 2010 earthquake.
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