Instrument Lessons and Instruction

Ready to learn? Let's do it!

Glad to hear you're interested! It works like this;

  • 1 lesson per week, along with free email consultations with the teacher
  • Each lesson is 45 minutes long
  • As the student, you will need to provide your own instrument and supplies, although "lenders" may be available for new students.
  • No cost lesson materials which are created and provided by the teacher. If lesson materials are lost, however, the teacher may charge to replace them.
  • Free one-time instrument tune up. As a new student, the staff will determine the playability of your instrument and provide a free tune up and adjustment if needed. (Max $50 value) The instrument will need to be accepted by the teacher before lessons can begin.
  • $120 per month. Talk to the teacher about policies regarding cancellations, or see our "Welcome New Students!" flyer for more information.
  • We are currently only offering weekend instruction. More options will be available soon.

Lessons we offer

All set? Let's make it happen.

Give us a call to see what times are available, and then come down to the store with your instrument to sign up. You will need to pay for your first month before your time slot is reserved. If you purchase your instrument from us, you receive 1 free introductory lesson.