Sam Houston Elementary Newsletter

Home of the Jets

Welcome Back

Welcome back to another amazing school year at Sam Houston Elementary School, Home of the Jets! I am excited and honored to be your child's principal and look forward to spending quality time with them this school year. Sam Houston Elementary is proud of our staff of outstanding educators who go the extra mile every day to provide your children with the highest quality education. I look forward to serving you this school year.

Viviana Harris


Eat Breakfast at School!

Breakfast is served at school! School breakfast will give your child a healthy start to the day. A nutritious breakfast helps students be more alert so they can learn more in class. Breakfast has vitamins and nutrients for a strong and healthy body.

Breakfast at school is free, so help your child start the day right with school breakfast!

Notice to Parents with Court Orders Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship

The Texas legislature passed a new law clarifying the Texas Family Code provision that sets out the rights and duties of parents when there is a court order affecting the parent-child relationship. The legislature clarified that “school activities”, as that term is used in the Family Code, includes, “school lunches, performances, and field trips.” Prior to the passing of this law, each Texas school district determined what activities were considered “school activities.” In compliance with the new law, effective at the beginning of this school year, when lunch is open to visitors, either parent may attend school lunch with his or her child, regardless of their period of possession, unless attending lunch is specifically prohibited by a court order. All parents are welcome to attend school performances. Field trips are limited to parents selected to serve as chaperones.

Counselor Corner

Hello Parents,

Welcome back to school! I say "welcome back" to parents because each new year brings new responsibilities and tasks for parents. You are a big part of student success!

This year our character theme is S.O.A.R. Each letter represents a character trait that we will teach and highlight this year. The traits are self-control, optimism, acceptance, and responsibility.

I look forward to partnering with you so that we can help your child soar!

Jacqueline Escalante Deas,

School Counselor

A Note from our Parent Engagement Liaison

Welcome to Sam Houston, we are excited for another great school year! We have many parent engagement activities planned for you and your family, see our monthly calendar for upcoming events.

Grandparent's Day is September 6th. Grandparents are invited to come eat lunch during scheduled lunch times. Lunch can be purchased for $3.55.

On September 18th, we will celebrate Read for a Better Life. You may contact your child's teacher if you would like to be a guest reader.

ESL classes will be offered again this year. If you are interested in attending classes, orientation is scheduled for September 26th from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. in the library. Registration forms will be sent home next week.

Parents if you are interested in being a volunteer, you may contact me at the number or email below. You can also attend a volunteer orientation on September 27th to learn about how you can help our school. Thank you for your support. Together we can achieve more!

Ena McFarland,

Family Engagement Liaison

936-709-5183 or

September Calendar of Events

9/2 Labor Day

9/5 School Pictures

9/6 Grandparents' Day

9/7 District Art Show

9/11 Progress Reports go home

9/18 Read for a Better Life

9/26 ESL Orientation 4:00 -7:00 p.m. in the library

9/27 Parent Volunteer Orientation 9:00 a.m. in the Parent Engagement Room

Safety Drills

Throughout the school year our students practice a variety of safety drill. Each month our students will practice a fire drill and one additional safety drill. In the month of September, along with our fire drill, we will also practice our severe weather drill.

Read for a Better LIfe

Please join us on September 18, 2019 as we kick off our Read for a Better Life initiative. We believe that reading aloud to children has a huge impact on their success in school, and we are asking you to help support this mission by being a Guest Reader at Sam Houston Elementary School. By participating in this event, you will be providing a wonderful and memorable experience for our students as you model your love of reading and your enthusiasm for books.

If you are able to share in our celebration, please contact your child's teacher to schedule a time that works best for you. On the day of the event, feel free to bring your favorite book or you can also visit our library to choose one. Our librarian, Catherine Pells, will have a selection of books reserved which are proven story time favorites.

Thank you in advance for ensuring our students’ success, and we are looking forward to having you on our campus as a Guest Reader.

Pre-Kindergarten News

In PK we are working on creating and learning the rules and expectations. We are setting our routines to structure the day. We are also learning to be aware of where their body is in space and to respect personal boundaries. Our student are learning and practicing school wide expectations (hallways, getting water, lunch, recess, fire drill, how do I get the teacher's attention, etc.).

Kindergarten News

Welcome to Kindergarten! Our kindergarten students seem to be growing up each day as they come to school and learn the rules and procedures of our classrooms. Please send your child with their backpack every day. Their backpacks help your child get to the correct dismissal area and will bring home daily communication folders. We are looking forward to a great year of learning!

First Grade News

In First Grade we are working on writing personal narratives about small moments in our lives. Our students are learning how to use words we know to figure out new words. In Math, we are counting by ones and tens, counting pennies and dimes separately and together. In Science, we are classifying matter by shape, color, weight, and texture and in Social Studies we are learning what it means to be a good citizen, the pledges to the US flag and the Texas flag and how to read a map.

Second Grade News

September is a busy month for our second graders. We will start our beginning of the year literacy assessments and start our reading groups. We will read many fiction books and learn about the characters, setting and the author's purpose. We will plan and write personal narratives. We will examine patterns in numbers, as well as add and subtract two digit numbers. We will explore matter and properties of matter in science. We will learn about how to be a good citizen and patriotic symbols. We look forward to leaning lots of new things and are excited to have your students with us.

Third Grade News

Third Grade is happy to have your students in our classrooms!

We have started the school year moving full steam ahead. Our literacy assessments have begun, they will give us a good guideline to better help our kids. In Reading we are discussing the plot elements of a story, as well as the sequence of events found in it.

Please encourage your students to read everyday at home!

In Math, we have introduced different graphs and tables, and we are discovering representations of 5-digit numbers. Number sense and Place Value are a good foundation for the school year.

Fourth Grade News

Fourth grade has gotten off to an awesome start! We are ready for the great adventures we know is in store for us at Sam Houston Elementary. With hard work and determination, we know that the "sky is the limit"!