Wanted Uranium has gone missing!!!!

Uranium has disapeard from the face of the earth


Uranium. Atomic number: 92. Average atomic mass 238.03. It is a transition metal in the periodic table of elements.
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Uranium is used for....

Uranium is used for many different things. It is used for nuclear weapons and nuclear power stations. It is also used for smoke detectors which is radioisotopes. Without the smoke detectors people could die, thats why its important to get it back.

Uranium whereabouts

In Australia they mine for them very often and they normally find a lot because uranium is seen more often then silver, mercury, copper and much more.

Uranium discoverer

Uranium was first discovered by a man named Martin Heinrich Klaproth. He discovered it in 1789, while in his lab doing experiments, by accident.

WARNING !!!!!!!

Uranium can be very toxic and harmfull. Sure, it can be very useful, ut it is still toxic and poisonous.

reward 1,000,000 dollars