Ms. Webster's Third Grade Class

Our Classroom News Brief

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This Month in Third Grade

I cannot believe how quickly this semester has gone by! I am in awe of how much our students have grown in our short time together. I am definitely not working with a group of third graders anymore! As we enter the last full month of school we will be busier than ever before. I have posted a month-long calendar in our class alongside our weekly calendar so that the students have a better idea of what is coming up. Please make sure to check your students' blue folder and book bag for important information and reminders about testing and special events happening in our community.

This week the students will be sitting for their End of Year MAP tests in reading and math. Math was today and reading will be on Wednesday morning. The EOG dates also appear at the bottom of this newsletter. As always, it is important that our students arrive well-rested and on-time for class. Please encourage them to eat well and to sharpen the saw. While we will be devoting more time to review and preparation over the coming weeks, we will also continue working on our stress-management and social skills. Please help your student find ways to relax and enjoy the end of the school year.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns,

Ms. Webster

This Week in Third Grade

Math- We return to fundamentals this week as we review the base 10 system and begin creating a toolbox of strategies for addition and subtraction. Our goal is for each student to find several strategies that work for them. Students will be practicing with numbers and word problems that challenge them individually, as well as prepare them for the EOG test.

English Language Arts- We will be expanding our vocabulary with a continued study of prefixes and suffixes, as well as beginning an in-depth study of "testing" words. We will continue practicing our reading comprehension skills through a variety of texts.

Science- We continue our exploration of our solar system with a variety of activities.

Social Studies- Student work is on display outside of our class. If you are in the building, I highly recommend you stop by and see the finished projects!

Person of the Week

Our Person of the Week is Antonio! Antonio has always been a quiet and respectfully attentive listener but this week we are celebrating a different sort of leadership from Antonio. Antonio has really stepped up his classroom discussion and participation these last few weeks and it has become an integral part of our work. He has taken chances by going to the board in math. He contributed to his group's work on E.W. Pearson in a meaningful way. He has brought background knowledge (including academic texts) to our scientific discussions about space. He has even shared his newest library books with the class. Antonio has been practicing his habit of synergizing and it shows! Keep up the great work Antonio, our team wouldn't be what it is without you!
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Important Dates

Mon., May 2nd: Math MAP End of Year Test

Wed., May 4th: Reading MAP End of Year Test

Sun., May 8th: Mother's Day

Fri., May 20th-Wed., May 25th: Book Fair in the Media Center

Wed., May 25th: Math EOG Test 8:00-12:30

Thur., May 25th: Reading EOG 8:00-12:30

Fri., May 27th: Make-up EOGs

Mon., May 30th: Memorial Day NO SCHOOL

Fri., June 3rd: Field Day at Memorial Stadium

Mon., June 6th: Claxton Variety Show

Tue., June 7th: Claxton Awards Assembly

Wed., June 8th: Last Day of School

Betts Webster

3rd Grade Teacher

Claxton Elementary