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A Walk through the Eternal City of Rome

A Rome City Tour is unforgettable since, this eternal city has something to offer every individual who visits. While some may visit it solely to witness breathtaking art and artifacts, other might visit to be delighted by the varied scrumptious culinary offerings. Also, some others may visit to experience the amalgamation of history, rich cultural heritage, the best of modernity and the amazing nightlife. Rome is city that offers numerous stupendous experiences and tourist, especially those visiting the first time should opt for Rome Guided Tours.

Rome Travel Agency

Rome is a tremendously popular tourist destination and tourists visit all year round to derive great pleasure. However, only those tourists who first contact a Rome Travel Agency and then plan their visit are able to revel in the pleasures that this breathtaking city offers. So, as soon as you begin planning your trip to Rome contact a reliable and reputed agency.

Rome Travel Packages

A majority of reliable travel agencies offer lucrative and absolutely amazing Rome Travel Packages, which make every aspect of your visit the best that it can be. Ensure you choose a travel package which suits your needs and fits your budget, as doing so will allow you to make your trip incredibly memorable.

With Roma Walking Tour you will embark on your journey of witnessing the glory of the eternal city. This exceptionally short tour will mark the beginning of your unforgettably extensive experience. At Piazza Minerva’s center an oblelisk and an elephant, both designed by Bernini await you. Included in this tour is another unique attraction, which is called Santa Maria sopra Minerva. This venue is Rome’s only Gothic church, which inspires the Gothic style that features in various aspects of the city. Within this church an exquisite statue of Christ sculpted by none other than Michelangelo himself. The next site that is part of this tour is the Pantheon, which is a temple dedicated to every God that people of the 1st century worshipped. This temple is amongst Rome’s best preserved buildings and today is a famed Roman Catholic Church named Santa Maria Rotonda and is dedicated to the martyrs and St. Mary.