2nd Grade News!

Friday, January 15th, 2015

A note from your teacher...

Hello 2nd Grade Family!

Next Monday we do not have school because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Enjoy your long weekend with family and friends!

We've had our fun with indoor recess but just know on dryers are days we will be going outside in the snow. With that being said, your child must have snow boots to go in the snow the snow. They may also bring snow pants to play in the snow!

As always, email me with questions, comments or concerns!

Happy Three Day Weekend,

~Miss Larkins



I will be sending home scholastics flyers home with the students tomorrow! I believe orders need to be in my January 31st.

To order online use my access code:



Monday, January 18 - No school

Tuesday January 19 - Day 2 P.E

Wednesday, January 20 - Day 3 Computer

Thursday, January 21- Day 4 Art

Friday, January 22 - Day 1 Music

FRIDAY IS OUR LIBRARY DAY! So please make sure students bring back books to check out new ones!

Math- We will be continue working our subtraction (focusing on the standard way to solve problems). Throughout this month we will be learning the meaning of subtraction and the variety of strategies that can be used to solve given problems.

*Many of the kids have been asking for extra problems/practice in math. I will be sending home sheets that can be done for their math minutes!*

Reading- We will continue our unit on chapter books. Our collaborative conversations (book clubs) went great! The students were in charge of leading their own clubs... THEY LOVED IT!

Writing- We are continuing learning about fact and opinions. During this week students will be able to distinguish a fact and opinion as well as begin their prewrite.