This Week in Kindergarten

September 16, 2016

What Are We Learning in Kindergarten?

Math: In Math, we will match numerals to quantities and pictoral models. We will also create groups and sets of objects and sort them in different ways.

Reading: In Reading, we will be reading storybook favorites and will practice reading using the pictures and words.

Writing: In Writing we will be focusing on how to plan our writing before we start our stories. We will also be introducing the Author's Chair and sharing our best work.

Word Work: We will review the letters Ll, Ii, Tt, Oo, Aa, Dd and introduce the letters Cc and Ee. We will introduce the words cut, and can.

Science: We will introduce the study of our five sense focusing on taste. We will conduct the Great Apple Experiment and will make applesauce.

How Can I Help My Child At Home?

* Practice proper formation of letters and numbers
*Practice writing first name with only the first letter capitalized
*Practice counting by 1's
*Practice identifying numbers 1-20
*Practice identifying the sight words that have been covered in class
*Practice writing the sight words that have been covered in class
*Read to your child each night


Please have your child bring an apple by next Tuesday, September 20. We will be using these apples as part of our science and math lessons next week!

Johnny Appleseed Grandparent's Day

Johnny Appleseed Grandparent’s Day

Kindergarten will be celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day and Grandparent’s Day on Friday, September 23. On this day we will be celebrating by inviting Kindergarten families and grandparents to join us for a picnic lunch outside with your child’s class from 10:15-11:15. Please be sure to bring a blanket or quilt (camping chairs are great too) to sit on and enjoy your lunch. We are asking for students to please bring a sack lunch for our picnic. On the day of the event, please be sure to check in and out with Mrs. Jantz in the front office. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Important Reminders:

- Please be sure to initial the date on the communication binder each night.
-The pocket in the back of the binder is for notes, lunch money, etc.
-Please be sure to keep an extra change of clothes in your child's backpack.
-Please continue working with your child at home on writing his or her name correctly with only the first letter capitalized.

Watch Dogs Kick-Off

Monday, Sep. 19th, 6pm

401 Parkview Drive

Trophy Club, TX

Johnny Appleseed Day/ Grandparent's Day

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 10:15pm

401 Parkview Drive

Trophy Club, TX

More information to come next week!