Captain Teddy

Can hunt and save the environment at the same time!

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Arch Nemesis

  • The Arch Nemesis of Captain Teddy is the elusive Corporation builder. Starting small, the corporation builder then builds up the corporation and monopolizes the market, forces consumers to buy their goods, and keep all of the profits to themselves! The only way that Captain Teddy and his sidekick Trust-Busting Man can stop this abomination is by using their wits to create a bill that curbs the power of these corporations in order to instill order in the United States.
  • Other than the corporation builders, another enemy of Captain Teddy is the extinctor! The extinctor runs around the country with his gun and hunts animals close to extinction that are important to the ecosystem. He also chops down forests with his axe to use as firewood in his huge mansion.


Captain Teddy's sidekick is the brave Trust-Busting Man! Using his extreme busting power, Trust-Busting man is able to aid Captain Teddy by putting a stop to the monopolizing trusts and help Teddy keep the small companies safe and secure.

Other than busting trusts, Trust-Busting man also helps Captain Teddy keep the wildlife in the country safe by protecting certain animal species and saving land to use as national parks!


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