The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

Overall Review By Haley Dovico

By John Boyne

215 pages



Bruno is an 9 year old boy whose father was a Nazi officer in Berlin. Many years pass and his father is transferred to Out With Poland. To stay together they all decide to move. Bruno is not trilled about moving because he will be leaving his school and friends. When they finally arrive to Poland, Bruno sees nothing but acres of land so he goes inside of the new house to look in his room. He then notices a little window in his room and looks through it and sees what looks to be a farm. His parents made it very clear that he was to stay close to the house, but one day since he'd been watching the farm for quite some time he decided to go and see what was really there. He began his journey through tall grass until he arrived at a fence. Bruno saw a boy who looked about close to his age with striped pajamas on. He went to where the boy was sitting and said "Hello". The boy said "Hello" straight back. After talking to the boy for a few minutes Bruno asked the boy what his name was, the boy said "Smole". Bruno told him his name and then started asking him questions about what he was doing out here all alone. Smole said "I am a Jew so I have to work on farms and when I'm stressed I come out here where it is quiets". Bruno gasped and thought what would his father say.


Even though people may look different on the outside and have different beliefs, we are all equal on the inside.

Together, we can accomplish more than apart.

Just like Bruno, I am learning that with teamwork I can achieve greatness not only from me but from others who believe in me too. I am learning to rely more on my friends and believing in them. I am also talking more and being less quite. I am talking to the people I don't usually talk to and listening to what my friends have to say rather than what I have to say. I think it's important that you share your ideas because your one idea can change everything in a good way. Never stop believing in yourself because I guarantee you will always have someone who is there for you every minute of every day. The main lesson in this book is that we are all different and we are all special in different ways, but we are all equal in the inside. I think Bruno thought that if your religion was different then you were different but after meeting Smole he realized that we are all unique in our own special way.