Andrew Jackson

The Two Faced Vigilante

Spoil System

The spoil system is where someone gives people jobs for helping them win an election. An example of that is president Andrew Jackson. He promised to give people jobs for helping him in the past. The spoil system was used a lot in the past but is now illegal

Trail Of Tears

After Native Americans land was starting to be taken over they decided to sue Georgia for trying to take their privately owned land, The government agreed with the Indians and told Georgia to stop but they didn't listen and they sent the Georgia Militia to their land to push them out of their homes. The Georgia Militia made them walk a long trail to a reservation. Sadly a lot of the natives died on the trail of hypothermia and lack of food.
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Indian Removal Act

The Indian Removal Act is an act where the United States kicked the natives out of their home territory. And moved them to a reservation with the rest of the Natives. So the U,S, could own all the land. Westward until they reached the Pacific Ocean
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Andrew Jackson Cartoon

The Andrew Jackson Cartoon above shows how Andrew Jackson was in control of all of the Natives and treated them as if they were babies.

Soldier Perspective-Positive

Day 4; 3;49 AM it is currently night out and these Indians are still walking this darn trail. can you believe this? A pair of Indians cant even walk a few miles. It isn't that long, i thought they were tough and strong and powerful to the point were some would be afraid. It doesn't look like that to me at all. Thank god that these people will be leaving our area, so their wont be anymore disturbances. -Mark Johnson II

Native Perspective- Negative

Day 4: 5:Am It is night now and i am getting colder by the hour. I can not last another day out here in this cold cold weather. They give is rations of food and barley help us walk many of us have died in these few days and i worry that many more will die. Please if anyone sees this please show the world how bad this country is. -Andrea Quartel