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Country Facts

Abbreviation- RUS

Area- 6.602 million square miles

Population- 143.5 million

Nickname- They don't have one

Motto- Nichevo!

Song- Gosudarstvenny Gimn РОССИЙСКОЙ ФЕДЕРАЦИИ

Largest City

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The largest city in Russia is Moscow. It is home to around 12 million people, and is in the top ten most populous cities in the world. Moscow is also home to the largest numbers of billionaires in the world, with an astonishing total of 84. There are many large attractions in Moscow, one being St. Basil's Cathedral
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Places To Vist

Physical Characteristics


Russia was ruled by a history of czar's, Caesars, who had absolute control over the people for almost 400 years. The people were complete slaves to the country, and the czars told everyone what to do and how to do it. However in 1918, the rule of czars was abolished and communism came in to Russia. However, this did not help the people of Russia at all. In 1991, the Soviet Union's power of Russia began to decline, and soon after Russia was a democracy with a market economy.
In the 800-900's Scandinavian vikings established forts at Kiev and Novgorod.

In 1547 Ivan the Terrible was crowned the first czar of Russia.

1689-1725 Czar Peter the Great started to improve Russia, and lays the foundation for the Russian empire.

1855-1881 Czar Alexander II controls Russia. During his reign, he frees the people from serfdom.

1917- Russia is having a revolution. Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky take control of the government.

1918- Nicholas II and his family are executed to make sure no czar can ever take the throne again.

1922- Russia become apart of the Soviet Union.

1924-1953- Joseph Stalin turns the Soviet Union into a military power, and during WWII they side with Germany. They later switch sides and begin to fight with the ally countries.

1948- The Cold War begins, and relations with the U.S are tense.

1985-1991- The Soviet Union is destroyed.

The president of Russia now is Vladimir Putin. He was elected on March 26, 2000, and he was elected for his second term on March 14, 2004. On May 8, 2008 he was appointed Prime Minister


  • Currency- Ruble
  • GDP per capita- 14,611.70 U.S Dollars
  • Gross domestic product- 2.097 trillion U.S Dollars
  • Gross national income- 3.328 trillion PPP dollar
  • World ranking- 5th
  • Industries- Oil and gas, mining, processing precious stones and minerals, aircraft building, aerospace production, weapons and military machinery manufacture, electric engineering, pulp and paper production, automotive industry, transport, road, and agriculture.