National Defense/ Military

Bernie Sanders

I will protect America, defend our interests and values, embrace our commitments to defend freedom and human rights, and relentlessly combat terrorism. Our intelligence and law enforcement agencies must have the tools needed to protect us, but there must be legal oversight and it must be done in a way that does not sacrifice our basic freedoms.

I voted against the USA PATRIOT Act and against its subsequent re-authorizations. Terrorism is a serious threat and we must do everything we can to prevent attacks in this world, but I believe that we can do that without undermining our constitutional rights. Our civil liberties and right to privacy shouldn’t be the price we pay for security.

Hillary Clinton

The most important job of the president is to keep Americans safe. That means standing up to aggressors around the world and defeating global terrorism by depriving ISIS of physical and virtual territory. I’ll dismantle the global terror networks that supply terrorists and toughen our defenses at home—against both external and homegrown threats.

John Kasich

During his CNN interview, Kasich said he wanted “to have a system in place -- to make sure the women on our college campuses are protected and if something would happen to them that justice can be done.”

“We're all part of a giant mosaic. A snapshot in time. All of us here,” Kasich said, saying that every person in the audience had a purpose from God.

Donald Trump

As for his supporters, Trump said in Ohio, “It's not necessarily loyal to me, it's loyal to the country. They want great security. They want great military. They want to take care of their vets. They want a border. They want a wall.”

When dealing with terrorists, Trump said, “we should go for waterboarding and we should go tougher than waterboarding.”