Ratios and Proportions

By: Aubrey Burns Sanchez 4th period

Ratio types

Ratio types are two different ways to compare or write the ratio.

Deffinition of Rate, Ratios and proportions

Rate- A comparison of a measurement in which one term has the value of one.

Ratio- A fixed ratio between two things.

Proportions- two ratios or fractions are equal value.


Deffinition: to check to verify a proportion has equivalent ratios.

Proportional: has equal ratios

Non proportional: does NOT have equal ratios.

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Setting up proportions

When you are setting up a proportion you should set it up as a fraction. Then you need to use the butterfly method to solve it and see if it's proportional or non proportional.

Solving proportions

You will use the butterfly method and cross multiply to solve your proportion.
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Types of proportions

Stating that two ratios are equivalent