Learn about the mineral turquoise.!

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Here are some basic facts about turquoise to see if you want to learn more. Turquoise is formed while in the crust, and the crust is the only layer it is in. The layer affects the turquoise by it being filled up with water because if it wasn't the turquoise wouldn't form because it forms from copper and when the copper gets water all over it, that is when turquoise forms. The animals that were alive during the time people first discovered turquoise (200 B.C.) were spiders, monkeys, and hummingbirds. The rockcycle has nothing to do with turquoise at all. Also turquoise is mostly found in the ground since it is from copper and copper is from the ground.

Turquoise comes in many different colors.

The colors are vibrant blue, light green, and a light yellow. The one most people want are the vibrant blue ones.
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