Bugg Ball Handling Club 7 for 7!

Bugg BC wins 7th straight wcpss battle of the basektballs!

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Champions

The Bugg Ballhandlers competed in their seventh Wake county public school's battle of the basketballs championship on Sunday, March 8 at St. David's School in Raleigh. Bugg again brought home the title for the seventh straight year. There was a strong backing for the Bugg team, with parents, faculty and staff in the stands to loudly cheer Bugg on to victory. The team of 25 third through fifth graders also won 15 individual skill awards. Including a first ever essay contest winner for Bugg's, JJ Skiba.

Ball handlers learn over 100 different ball handling moves in addition to completing weekly character homework assignments. They are expected to model the character traits in school and complete daily at home practice with one and/or two basketballs. The weekly character homework requires both written and "action" homework. All the skills learned are then applied in a rhythmic team routine which is rehearsed such that the team can perform without any Coaching cues.

The team has come a long way in their seven years. The first year, the team competed against more than 8 schools and there were actually 2 sessions of the competition which was so large it filled Broughton high school's basketball court. Only one individual award was earned by the team that year, but the team was able to capture the club performance award with a unique routine which involved students using buckets for drums to mimic the drumbeat in the Canye West song, Love Lockdown. This year the team utilized technology to record the verbal team rules into their entry rhythm. The main performance song was a throwback this year, Prince's Let's Go Crazy. It is a true team effort to create the routine as Coach Hook and Gilchrist utilize the moves the ballhandlers combine and create to help piece together the entire performance program.

The team had to add several practices to compensate for the missed snow days. The dedication of students and their parents commitment to getting them to practice really paid off with the team title and numerous individual winners including: Fisayo Adebimpe, winner of crab catch, around the world and finger spin, Douglas Stinson, winner of fox and hound, and race track, Hailey Cohen, winner of race track, Ian Neptune, winner of 1 leg circle, JJ Skiba, winner of 2 ball balance and the written essay contest, Comfort Agwu, Samir Baldwin, Ethan Neptune, Travion Barbee, Naseer McMahon, and Blake Mobley were all finger spin winners. Congratulations to all the Bugg Ballhandlers for another great season!