Causes of the war of 1812

Cause one; Impressment

Britain and France went to war again in 1803.

America declared neutrality and wanted to trade with both.

Neither Britain or France accepted neutrality.

Britain began capturing ships and kidnapping sailors.

Cause two; Economic Problems

Jefferson proposed an embargo to avoid war.

The "Damn-Bargo" America Stopped all trade with Europe.

Kept American ships safe and avoided war but without European trade, the American economy suffered.

Cause three; "War Hawks" elected

War hawks wanted war against Britain.

1810, new "war hawk" congressmen from the south and west were elected.

The south thought Britain had damaged their trade with Europe.

The west blamed Britain for Indian attacks on the frontier.

Cause four; Native American attacks

Americans violated the Treaty of Greenville and moved into Indian land.

British troops were still in western forts and armed Indians to attack Americans.


Battle of Baltimore...

British navy tried to attack Baltimore but were stopped at Fort McHenry. Francis Scott Key was inspired by the battle to write "The Star Spangled Banner" which became the national anthem.

Battle of New Orleans...

Britain wanted to capture New Orleans and Mississippi river to cut off trades. This battle made Jackson a national hero. Andrew Jackson also led the American army to defeat the British Army.

After the War:)

Economy- many of the factories grew a lot.

Politics- William Harrison and Andrew Jackson

Culture- America entered a period of nationalism.