What's Happening in 4th Grade!

November 12, 2013


Students are doing well learning different strategies for solving multiplication problems. We have also been practicing problem solving so students will know when to multiply. Problem solving can be challenging, particularly when the problem involves several steps. It is important for students to understand the story, so they know how to attack the problem. We have been and will continue to work on this throughout the year.

Global Read Aloud - Out of My Mind

We are finishing the book this week! The ending may have surprised some students. Ask your child about the ending and how they felt about it. Melody is a strong character and reading Out of My Mind has been a powerful reading experience for all of us. Hopefully, we will all remember what we learned from Melody as we encounter people who struggle with various challenges.

Language Arts

Students are reading examples of excellent writing to help them become better writers. Mrs. Albertson and Ms. Adams have been focusing on how characters can change over the course of a story. Children are writing stories incorporating a significant change by the main character. Ms. Powell, Ms. Hamel's student teacher, is focusing on writing fiction. Ms. Powell read Tar Beach and Gargoyles to help start their imaginations working. As we do more composing on the laptops this year, we have noticed students revising and proofreading as they go. Way to go, Fourth Graders!


Students classified and sorted various seeds and identified the seed coat, food storage, and embryo. We learned that the embryo is the part that grows into the new plant. We soaked lima beans and noticed how easily the seed coat peeled away from the rest of the seed. We planted peas and beans in windowsill planters and are excited to watch roots and sprouts growing!

Important Dates:

November 11-15 - Parent Conferences

November 14 - Pajama Day

November 27-29 - Thanksgiving Holiday