Why is Philosophy important to life

A brief overview

Why is philosophy important to life?

This is a topic not many individuals think about. The reason behind why this is a topic not deeply looked into is due to its theoretical and supposedly impractical nature. Why is that the case, however? Every day, a person actually does undergo philosophical thought simply by living their life through their own ideals and drive, and that would soon translate to their actions, decisions, and how they handle consequences toward several different situations. Philosophers of ancient and recent times all had the same goal of ascertaining knowledge, but gained their information through different methods such as reading, discussing with others, discussing ideas, and various other activities.

Essentially, philosophy is actually not simply reading arduous texts. Rather, it is a connection of ideas that are applicable in many situations if given thorough thought. For example, a family could discuss about what they want as individuals. Ideally, the whole family, even as individuals, would collectively want to have a congruent mindset. This usually is not the case. It’s common within discussions to have disagreements, and it is only natural that several people do have different goals in mind.
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How can philosophy be applicable here? A person with a discussion based mindset would try to see a holistic picture. He or she would analyze the situation based on the other person’s values, and construct what he or she can then refute or further support. He or she can then discuss with the person as to what can work or what does not, based on their own critical thinking. This is very similar to how Aristotle argued a long time, by simply trying to understanding the information given and then offering counters or support.

What about situations not in intimate settings such as a discussion with friends and/or family, but in a business meeting? A similar method would apply. Ascertain the knowledge you gain during the meeting, and discuss what potential situations may happen if they were to follow the business tactic. There will be a mix of dissent and agreement, but insightful reasoning would allow the whole group to potentially have a different view on the situation.

Try it out:

Philosophy is about ideas. Some of those ideas will come through debates. Try out some of these questions with peers: https://www.englishforums.com/English/FreeDiscussionsTopicsDebated/vkzq/post.htm

This link shows potentially practical uses of philosophy. Discuss with your peers and discuss why or why not these reasons are sufficient: http://www.txstate.edu/philosophy/about/Why-Study-Philosophy.html

Another thing about philosophy is questioning whatever comes. One thing a person should question is their position in a way of constructive self-relflection. Read this link, answer the questions to the best of your ability, and what can be done to improve with analysis. http://www.inc.com/kevin-daum/the-power-of-self-reflection.html