reproductive system

reproductive system

the reproductive system is the system involved with reproduction


in spermatogenesis, a spermatogonium divides, through meiosis I, and then in meiosis II, into four sperm.


in oogenesis, a starting oocyte goes through the same meiosis as a spermatogenesis, but the difference is that 3 of the eggs are smaller than the other and eventually disintegrate, only leaving the larger egg as the final product. there is an unequal division of cytoplasm in oogenesis because this causes one of the eggs to become larger than the others, leaving the others as polar bodies.



endometriosis is a disorder where the tissue that normally lines the uterus, grows outside the uterus. people may experience pain in the pelvic area or lower back, irregular menstruation, spotting, heavy menstruation, painful menstruation, inability to empty bowels, bloating, constipation, nausea, abnormal vaginal bleeding, irregular uterine bleeding, or infertility. there are more than 3 million U.S. cases per year. it is curable and you can take hormones to treat it.

Pelvic inflammatory disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease is an infection of the female reproductive organs. people may experience pain the pelvic area, urethra inflammation, vaginal discharge, vaginal odor,vomiting, painful menstruation, or cramping. between 200k-3million get it a year in the U.S. and it is curable through antibiotics